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ConsumerBankruptcyCounseling.info does not guaranty immediate delivery. Also, once you have completed the internet data entry portion of the credit counseling, your counseling session is NOT over and you will NOT get a certificate of counseling until one of our counselors has contacted you through e-mail communication. A counselor will review your entries and e-mail you an analysis and possible solutions to your financial situation, usually within 1 business day of your submitting all necessary information.

Once you have adequately reviewed the counselor’s comments, you will be able to access the portion of the site that will enable you to request your certificate of counseling. Your certificate will be e-mailed to you and/or your attorney, usually within one business day of your request for a certificate. From beginning to end this counseling process may take up to 2-3 business days.

If you believe this interval to obtain counseling and receive a Certificate of Counseling will be detrimental to you, you may want to contact another provider that is not exclusively internet based in the way ConsumerBankruptcyCounseling.info is. A list of such providers (typically fee-based) is contained on this website under “Referrals”. In addition, providers of credit counseling services that are not exclusively internet based (typically fee-based) often advertise on the right hand side of this site. These providers, however, are in no way recommended by or affiliated with ConsumerBankruptcyCounseling.info

Time Requirements

Please allow at least ONE HOUR to complete your Credit Counseling. The website does NOT allow you to ADVANCE through the counseling sections until the allotted time has passed.

It is important to have copies of your financial records gathered before you start. This includes copies of all monthly income statements, bank accounts, credit card statements, expenses for food, utilities, automobile payments, rent receipts or mortgage statements, student loans, short term loans, medical bills, prescription and over the counter medication costs, and health, automobile and homeowners insurance premiums.

Pursuant to Section 58.15 of the Interim Final Rule put out by the Executive Office for the United States Trustee, Department of Justice, Agencies and credit counselors shall provide briefings, budget analysis, and credit counseling services to clients lasting an average of 60-90 minutes in length.  Because this site’s goal is to allow you to complete the counseling requirement online and receive your Certificate of Counseling, there is a mechanism in place that will prevent clients from moving from section to section too quickly. Providing complete and accurate information is essential to our counselor(s) providing you with quality analysis and advice that will assist you in solving your financial problems. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO DO SO. Have the necessary paperwork in front of you before you begin, so that you may accurately input your budget figures into the worksheets.

You WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ADVANCE past the data entry portion until you have been logged in for at least 60 minutes.  If it takes you longer to enter the information that is perfectly fine. We encourage you to take your time. You may log-in and out with your username and password and the website will keep track of your time.

Once the allotted time has passed you will be able to advance to the portion of the website that allows you to request an analysis of your financial situation from our qualified credit counselors, prior to obtaining your Certificate of Counseling.

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